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dōTERRA was founded over six years ago by 7 experienced business, wellness and essential oil experts. There are no outside investors with dōTERRA, the owners personally funded the start-up and own 100% of the company.
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dōTERRA takes the high road
All the webinars and training's, attended retreats and conferences I have been to and I have NEVER heard the name of any other oil company talked of poorly
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dōTERRA wanted to have transparent accountability so they created an internal standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is verified by 3rd party labs.
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The people!!!
Words could never express how I’ve been changed for the better because of the people I’ve met through dōTERRA.
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“I saw the oils as a way of making some extra money but later realized it is all about dōTERRA oils”

Ann W
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