doTERRA reviews and why you should have a doTERRA membership

Before you enroll and purchase your doTERRA starter kit, you should read through one of the best reviews that will guide you in the right direction while allowing you to make a educated decision

My name is Steven Jackson and I have been with doTERRA for some years as a wellness advocate and global leader. I write many reviews for other products and companies, so I felt that I should write a overview and review to explain the ins and outs of my company.


As a entrepreneur I have worked in the network marketing industry and later in online marketing for over 25 years. So, I have worked with some good and bad companies in my time. I would argue that doTERRA is one of the better companies in the direct sales and MLM industry. The main reason is because they are offering value to the customer and the distributors alike. They pay commissions and bonuses when they say and their customer service is friendly and informative.

doTERRA reviews
doTERRA review

Why become a Wholesale customer?

If you become a Wholesale Customer, it will
allows you to purchase doTERRA products
for personal use at doTERRA wholesale
prices of 25% below retail. Also, it allows
you to join the loyalty reward program. Add your name and email address below for more information.

doTERRA membership

Why become a Wellness advocate?

The role of the wellness advocates is to sell doTERRA products locally through personto-person contact and globally through their personalized web shopping sites. As they sell the products, they reach various levels of achievement (ranks) and become leaders in sharing doTERRA products. They receive all the benefits the wholesale customer gets, but also receives a FREE webshop to promote their business. Add your name and email address below for more information.

Brief doTERRA review

doTERRA was founded in 2008 with the goal to offer the best quality essential oils in the world. Most reviews agree they have achieved their goal. Their business model is direct sales / network marketing. This allow individuals like you and me to start our own business on a shoe string. The reviews during the founding of doTERRA talked about a new era in the network marketing industry after the dysfunctional reputation of the past. I feel that they have bought a new credibility, honesty and transparency to the industry.


However, even though some would argue that their product prices are quite opulent. The high quality and price ratio still attracts lots of global customers. This allows the distributor to earn more by selling less by treat it as an exclusive brand.


From the start doTERRA proved themselves to be different from the rest. They expressed their desire to create a high quality therapeutic grade oil that would out perform other oils in the world. To achieve such a high level of consistency doTERRA developed a quality testing protocol. This ensured that the oils would be 100% pure.